K-water Inje English village (IEV) is an English school situated in Inje, South Korea. It is managed by K-water, a non-profit organization based in the beautiful city of Chuncheon.


   The school first opened in 2006 and has been a strong and much loved place within the Inje community ever since.


   Here at IEV, we commit to the pursuit of not only providing an excellent education but also maintaining a welcoming and caring environment. We offer a wide range of programs including cooking classes, market events, summer and winter camps, origami classes and creative play classes. We believe in meeting the aspirations of our students and creating an environment where each student can achieve their best as valued individuals.


   It is also very important for us to give back to communities in which we live. To obtain this, we arrange weekly visits to small schools in rural communities. These schools have fewer resources available to them and we feel it is equally important that these students receive the same opportunities.


​Our Staff

Name: Jason Rea.

Nationality : America

Name: Danielle Thaysen

Nationality : South Africa